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Add a Discussion Board

Add a Thread to a Forum


Professors should provide students some guidelines for preparing each session.


-The case or exercise they have to prepare for the session.

-If a report is required.

-Questions or guidelines for preparing the case and the report.


-In groups or individually. (Group work is recommended)

-Length and format of the report-Template (e.g. two pages maximum)

WHEN: Deadline (eg. By 19:00h Mondays Madrid time)

WHERE: Where the report has to be posted (usually in the assignments area or in the forum)

CLASS DISCUSSION: Indicate when the debate will begin in the forum (e.g Madrid time and date) and when the debate will be closed.

  • Choose a practical case or assignment to organize a debate (Rememberyou cannot give a lecture)
  • Plan in advance and write a teaching plan with questions to rise in the debate. This will help you during the session.
  • Provide clear instructions to students in order to prepare the session.

Different ways to start a debate:

  • Questions – Topics
  • Post engaging topics, with questions and guidelines that help students focus their answers and analyze the case.

In case a group report was required:

  • The professor can choose one of the reports to start de debate. “…….To open each session I will post one of the group’s papers along with one or more new questions as a way of initiating thecase discussion…..”
  • Or ask all the groups to post their reports.


  • log in the forum every day (2 or 3 times recommended)
  • Post more than one topic or thread/day.
    • So students have more options to participate
    • This way the debate is richer and you can embrace more topics
  • Keep a clear structure
    • Post a thread per question/topic.
    • Give a meaningful name to each threat.
  • You can have several threads open simultaneously.
  • Besides the different forums for each session, professors can open extra forum in parallel for example a Bar-Café to share news or trend topics related to the subject.
  • Conclusions: At the end of each session is important to post a summary or a final conclusion of the discussion. Recap the goals of the session and provide some take aways to the students.

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