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What kind of certification do I need?

I’m a new


I want to get my :




Campus Manager          VC Manager
Badge                             Badge

I’m an experienced professor


I want to get my :




Campus Chief                    VC Chief
Certificate                    Certificate

Campus Training

Campus Manager


To deliver online courses at IE it is required to master IE Campus, as it will be the tool to communicate with your students. If you are just getting started with online programs you must take the following steps:


  1. Take the IEcampus self-study course that is divided in 5 modules.
  2. Answer the test at the end of each module
  3. If you pass the tests you will get your BADGE on IE Campus Management.

Campus Chief Certificate


After learning how the different tools work, you should put them into practice. Once you have done so, you will be eligible to be awarded the Campus certificate.  Please follow the next steps to do so:


  1. Be sure you have enough experience using IE campus in real programs (at least 5 months) If you are new first we recommend you to get your badge and then practice in a real program.
  2. Fill the IE campus Check list to verify your knowledge and expertise using Blackboard.
  3. Send an email to: . We will check your progress and check list and send you the certificate.


VC Manager


As you are one of the professors delivering courses online, it is of extreme importance that you master the skills required to deliver your course through online methodologies. To make them accessible for you, we have designed a self-paced course which you can complete at your own pace.  To successfully complete it, please follow the next step:



  1. Review the self-study materials (3 modules)
  2. Practice using your own link, or you could use the link provided at the end of the modules (Do you want to practice?)
  3. Fill the Videoconference Technical Management – Check list
  4. Send us an email to schedule a practice session :

Please note that practice sessions won’t be schedule if the professor has not taken the self-paced course.

VC Chief Certificate


Once you know how to use the different tools, you can check if your Sessions are engaging so you can get your certificate.




  1. Be sure you have enough experience delivering Videoconference sessions. If you are new first we recommend you to get your badge and then practice in a real program.
  2. Fill the IE VC Teaching Check list to verify your expertise delivering ….
  3. Share a best practice
  4. If your VC sessions are engaging & interactive , you will get your certificate

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